The pictures on this page are describing a part restoration of Peters 1971 MGB Roadster. The story has begun as nearly every restoration story - there are some bad parts in the painting...
In the following process, both outer sill and rear wings has been renewed. Right now (March 21st) we are in the middle of the process. The sills are with the car again, and today the rear wing was welded. We keep you informed!

Peter is welding at the inner sill.
Sill is clamped at its place. The fittings are controlled several times by temporarely fitting wings and doors.
It was a little tricky to do the rear part, with the several layers of material.
Decision to renew the complete rear wing was made. The wing is in place again. The fittings are quite close, which was the goal.
B-post was renewed too.
Ralf is flexing the welding spots on top of the rear wing.

All pictures courtesy of Andreas Pichler.

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