MG B GT 1971, midnight blue

Our faithful companion since mid-1996. The pre-owner invested some 10.000 US$ from 1988-1992 to restore the body and interior. Unfortunately, not so much was invested in the mechanical parts. So we decided to do a rolling restoration in 1996; the goal was: for every job no more than 3 days out of service. New rear axle, new suspension (front and rear) with KONIs, new wheels and tyres; countless hours fighting against electrical faults; rebuilding the engine...and some extras like sunroof and honeycombe grille. Nearly 30.000 miles from June 96 to January 99 with only one mechanical problem on the open road (fuel pump: corroded contacts, remove, REPAIR, refit, running again 45 minutes later).

The picture shows the MGB in front of a Roman church in the Alsace.

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Dating the MGB
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All pictures courtesy of Andreas Pichler.

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