MG A 1600 Mk I 1960, iris blue

Bought in 1998 with the idea to use the car as a daily driver, at first there was some frustration. Solid frame and body, older respray, used (but not worn) interior, a lot of new parts. Advertised as technically completely overhauled, it was clear after 20 miles (piston seizure) that the engine rebuild was a triple-r-rebuild (remove, repaint, refit - ;-)...) only. After spending some money and lots of time, the MGA is a daily driver today.

The picture shows the MGA after the first car wash...

More information:
Renewing swivel links bushings
New waterpump
K & N filters for the MGA
Installing an anti roll bar
Fixing the electropneumatic trafficator
Dating the MGA

All pictures courtesy of Andreas Pichler.

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