MGs down under: Jeremy Havards MG YT from 1949.
Jeremy Havard has compiled some informations about the car:

This is MG-Y Tourer #3863. The photograph has Sydney Harbour bridge in the background. There were only 877 YT's made and only 200 right- hand drive cars of which this is one. At the time, the YT did not sell very well and the run was very short (one and half years 49-50). This this car is probably one of 20 or 30 RHD cars in the world. Most of the YT's are in the USA and they have a slightly different specification in that they have rear indicators built into the rear fenders (the Aussie, South African and New Zealand ones had no indicators, however mine has had intergrated US TD electrics built into the new wiring loom thus it flashes through the front side lights and rear brakes) and twin horns.

This car has been extensively ground-up restored (by me) and professionally finished in Metallic Almond green. Unfortunately I have sold it to Mr Brian Quarendon of Hampshire, U.K and it is a couple of days (today it is the 9th uf July 1999, the editor) from reaching Tilbury Docks (after 50 years) in London.

I am sure Brian will more than welcome people to call him about it. This car was shipped with manual, handbook, crank and full tool kit too. There is an excellent book that has been released on the MGY called "Let there be Y's" which will change your whole perspective on the Y-Type (by South African, Dave Lawrence) and is worth a read as one of the most comprehensive restoration books ever written on MG's. The YT is one of the rarest MG's and they never come up for sale.

Anyone who requires further info is welcome to contact me as I know every single nut and bolt on this car!


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All pictures courtesy of Andreas Pichler.

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