Anti Roll Bar

Scheme of the front extension with anti-roll-bar UNMOUNTED; note the slightly curvature to make the fitting of rubber bushes and brackets possible (click picture to enlarge).

Scheme of the front extension with anti-roll-bar MOUNTED; the anti-roll-bar is located ON TOP of the front extension, therefore the curvature in the extension is absolutely necessary. Before start working, make sure that the right extension (up from late 1600 Mk I, chassis number 66574) is fitted (click picture to enlarge).

Parts needed

  • Makre sure htatthe suitable extension is fitted.
  • Front lower wishbone arms with 1/2 inch holes and reinforcements for the anti roll bar arms (ATTENTION: left hand side and right hand side are DIFFERENT!). Parts from MGA and MGB are interchangeable.
  • Anti roll bar assembly (roll bar, bushes , link arms) and the brackets to bolt the rubber bushes on the front extension (MGA brackets are different from the MGB brackets; A-brackets are looking like a C, B-brackets have an U-shape. You CANNOT use B-brackets on the A).

Differences between MGA and MGB anti roll bar
The MGA rool bar has a reinforcement and the stops for the rubber bushes are welded on the assembly. The B-assembly has no reinforcements, the stops are bolt-on. The link arms of the B are a little longer than the link arms of the A. So maybe the B assembly on the A is a little stiffer. Therefore my recommendation: if you will not use the A-anti-roll-bar (to save some money) go for the standard B-antiroll bar (10/16) or the GT-rollbar (11/16) - its enough for road use.

MGB-assemblies cost around 200 DEM (120 USD), MGA-assembly costs around 400 DEM (240 USD), (prices without without wishbone arms). I paid for a used MGB-assembly in a good condition 50 DEM (this was my reason for trying it with an MGB assembly). MGB wishbone arms will fit for the MGA, too. The assemblies are available as new parts, your dealer should be able to deliver them. The prices above are the prices in Germany (VAT included).

To install the anti roll bar, you have to remove the following parts (I found the order convenient):

  • horn
  • front bumper
  • front valance
  • air hoses behind the grille (to get access to the upper front extension bracket bolts)
  • brackets, bumper support
  • front extension
Then replace the front lower wishbone arms to those with the hole fort link arm. Bolt the anti roll bar on the the front extension. Assembling is the reverse...
On my car, I had to bend a fold of the inner wing in the area of the now installed anti roll bar brackets (the inner wing touches the bracket).
Because you will find a lot of details to fix, you will need one day for the whole procedure. You can do the whole job without a helping hand.

No special tools are needed (instead you have to renew the lower wishbone link bushes - then you need a reamer to make sure the exact fit of the steel tube in the bush).
Make sure that you have solid car stands and one (better two) hydraulic car jacks. The rest is standard (assortment of spanners and screwdrivers, hammer etc.).

Further recommendations
It is a good opportunity to upgrade to V8 bushes, if the suspension is in parts. You will need 4 V8 bushes. Sometimes bushing, steel tube and bolt in the lower wishbone link are corroded. Because these parts are not so expensive, I would buy one set in advance to be prepared for the worst case.

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[Worms eyes, from front left] [Detail] [Overview, from top left]

All pictures courtesy of Andreas Pichler.

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